Vremenska opozorila: Slovenija - severovzhod / NE

 velja od 20.01.2021 14:00 CET Do 21.01.2021 23:59 CET
Veter  Stopnja ogroženosti: Oranžna 
slovenščina: Maksimalna hitrost vetra : od 70 do 85 km/h. Veter lomi veje in lahko podira nekatera drevesa, lahko odnaša kritino s streh. Veter nekoliko ovira cestni promet ter otežuje gibanje. Vrata in okna naj bodo zaprta. Pri gibanju na prostem se izogibajte nevarnih mest. Priporočamo previdnost v prometu. Spremljajte meteorološka obvestila in morebitna opozorila ter informacije, ki jih posredujejo pristojne službe in organi. english: Maximum wind speed : from 70 to 85 km/h. Wind breaks branches and may fell individual trees and remove roofing. Road transport is slightly impeded by wind. Before the event: Close all windows and doors. Park cars at a sufficient distance from buildings and trees or in a garage. Stow anything that could be carried away by the wind. Mass events in the exposed places should be cancelled. During the event: doors and windows should be kept closed. When moving in the open, avoid the leeward side of buildings, treelines and other possibly dangerous areas, pay attention to possible falling objects. Stop all work at heights. Do not repair damage during the storm. We recommend caution in traffic, especially in crosswinds and in exposed areas (e.g. bridges, cuttings). Count on felled trees and other obstacles. Driving certain categories of vehicles (caravans, sheeted vehicles) can cause some problems in exposed places. Follow meteorological updates and warnings and possible informations provided by competent services and bodies. 

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